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The importance of a regular service can not be understated not just to save you money in handling small problems before they become major but as a point of safety for yourself and your family who may also travel in your car.

At Cheadle Tyre & Auto we offer 2 types of service either a interim service or a major service, which ever one you choose, you can be sure that we have a dedicated team who will do the job right the first time and have you back on the road in no time.

Our Interim Car Service

This involves a complete safety inspection, checking levels, tyres, changing of engine oil and lubricants. We check joints for wear and tear along with lights. Our dedicated team carry out any additional checks you require to ensure safe driving

Our Major Car Service

This is a complete car service which is very comprehensive, includes all the interim service items plus:

  • Spark Plugs changed – Petrol engines
  • Air Filters changed
  • Fuel Filer changed
  • Replace faulty parts with new
  • Complete check for excessive wear and tear
  • Service brake and Handbrake

The importance of a car service can never be underestimated. With your car in tip top shape, you will benefit from improved miles per gallon, safety and if you have a regular service you will save money on lower motoring costs.


Grange Garage
Cheadle Road
Cheadle Hulme
Cheshire. SK8 5EU


Phone: 0161 485 3898