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Suspension damage is not only a potential MOT failure, but it can also make your car dangerous to drive on the road due to unpredictable handling.

Issues with your car’s suspension are not necessarily entirely down to physical damage, but might also be as a result of wear from everyday use. This can lead to a range of issues including aquaplaning in wet conditions and even travel sickness.

​A suspension check at Cheadle Tyre & Auto will ensure that your vehicle is safe for the roads, checking all the vital suspension components including the shock absorbers and springs.

Common car suspension problems.
Look out for these symptoms when driving to see if your car’s suspension may need to be checked:

  • Unnecessary shaking or vibration through the steering wheel.
  • Increased road noise.
  • Vehicle veering to one side under braking.
  • Loss of grip
  • Heavy turning in corners
  • Bouncing or the nose of your car dippimg under breaking
  • Aquaplaning in wet weather
  • Swaying in side winds
So don’t be caught out. Any time you notice any of these or other symptoms have your suspension checked. We recommend that you have it inspected once a year. If you have any of the problems above please don't hesitate to CALL US on: 0161 485 3898

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