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Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt & Cambelt Change

Your timing belt synchronises the movement of the pistons and valves inside your engine. If it breaks or snaps, your engine could be severely damaged.

Each vehicle is different, but every manufacturer will recommend an age or mileage limit to replace your timing belt by. It’s important to follow this recommendation, as it can be very difficult to tell when your timing belt is about to go.

In general most manufacturers recommend getting it changed between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. On some vehicles, the timing belt may require additional items to be replaced at the same time such as the water pump.

How do I know if my timing belt needs to be replaced?

  • What's That Sound? - One sound that you need to be aware of is a high-pitched screech or whirring when you first start your car and/or when you're idling or accelerating. The next is a ticking coming from inside the engine itself. These are both possible indicators that the timing belt is malfunctioning.
  • Between 2000 - 4000 RPM - An engine that starts acting up when you reach between 2000 - 4000 RPM could be failing to function normally because the timing belt is loose or breaking down from wear and tear. This may cause the belt to 'slip' while accelerating.
  • Heavy Exhaust Fumes - If you notice more smoke and fumes than normal coming from the exhaust, this could be another indication that your timing belt is overdue for a replacement. The engine running with a malfunctioning belt can cause excessive exhaust fumes.
  • Engine Will Not Turn Over - When you try to start your car, can hear the starter motor but the engine will not turn over in addition to any of the above warning signs - it is quite possible that damage has been done to the engine as a result of a broken or snapped timing belt.
  • Car Stops Working Abruptly - This is the worst-case scenario that can leave you stranded with major engine damage. Because of the obvious danger, you will know immediately if your car stops running abruptly, that you need to have a full inspection of all running components including the timing belt.
With something as important as the timing belt, prevention is better than cure, so make sure you have it replaced before it fails.

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